Innovative safe working platform hits New Zealand

PRESS RELEASE / Monday 24 July 2017

A new safety platform system designed for the construction industry has been launched in New Zealand this month. Fallsafe is a working platform that is said to provide a safe environment for builders while working at height. Made from industrial plastic with the capacity to be loaded to a maximum of 2kN/m2, the system has been designed to replace previous safety systems.

Fallsafe Limited has the license to import and distribute the product, which is manufactured in the United Kingdom. The Fallsafe system is being used on commercial and residential construction sites across New Zealand.

Communications agency, Intuit, is responsible for the marketing of Fallsafe in New Zealand including the new website, www.fallsafe.co.nz that was launched today. Intuit Creative Director, Keir Robertson, is excited about what the product could mean for the New Zealand building industry. “Over the last 15-20 years, Kiwi builders have been relying on nets and beanbags to protect them from falls. Fallsafe offers a much stronger alternative – it’s fall protection that’s installed at height, which means the risk of falls are eliminated.”

As well as providing safety, Fallsafe is said to also offer working efficiencies. Keir says, “It’s a work deck that helps builders work faster and easier. They no longer have to make constant trips to the truck or yard, they can dump their gear and materials on the deck and carry on working. And it’s much easier on the body to have a large and sturdy workspace beneath them – walking around on catwalk-like scaffolding in heavy work boots hasn’t been ideal – Fallsafe gives them a much better option.”

New Zealand builders have responded enthusiastically to the new system. According to one builder, “It improved my floor joist efficiency by 60% and truss installation was 50% quicker.” The Fallsafe system can be rented or purchased, through the website, www.fallsafe.co.nz

Fallsafe Limited started in 2016 by two New Zealand businessmen with many years of experience in the New Zealand building industry. Their goal was to provide a working platform for builders that offered a safe environment for working at height.