A history of fall protection

Fall Arrest Alternative

Providing New Zealand builders with a safer place to work

Fallsafe began in 2016 by two Kiwi businessmen, both with long-standing careers in the New Zealand building industry spanning residential and commercial construction. They had seen many changes in the industry in their time, but it was when they noticed how high workplace fatalities and serious injuries were in the early 2000s that they decided something needed to be done. That’s when the duo set about to create a working platform that would create a safer environment for builders.

She’ll be right is not the right attitude

Kiwis are well known for their confidence and can-do attitude. Sometimes confidence turns to cockiness and this should never be the case when safety is in question. It is only in recent years that steps have been taken to create a safer environment for those working in the construction industry. Scaffolding, safety nets and mats are a start, but nothing compares to the safety of the Fallsafe system. As we see it, prevention is the highest form of safety.

Reference: Falling Short in Workplace Safety, Labour & Immigration Research Centre, Department of Labour, February 2012

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