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The safe and smart way to build

Fallsafe is a working platform that provides a safe environment while allowing you to work more efficiently. It’s a safety system that eliminates the risk of falls on site. And it’s a game-changing work deck that will help your team get the job done with ease and speed. No nets, no scaffolding, no falls; just a safe and smart working platform.

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Built to carry the load

The Fallsafe platform system is built from rugged industrial plastic and designed to withstand the rigours of the construction industry. While the individual componentsare lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, once locked into place, they become a strong and sturdy work deck that can carry a building team, handheld tools and materials.

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Why choose Fallsafe? Here's why.



Fallsafe is a simple, lightweight and versatile design that is quick to install and can be fitted to almost any site.


Made from durable industrial plastic, Fallsafe undergoes rigorous testing to the highest standards and can be loaded to a maximum of 2kN/m2.


A wide and sturdy platform that fits your build means you can move and work with confidence, and faster than before.


With Fallsafe installed at height you are not just minimising the risk of falls, you’re eliminating it.
It's about working safely at height. This product allows us to do that.
This is the first product that is designed for the builder!
It improved my floor joist efficiency by 60% and truss installation was 50% quicker.
It's like building your trusses on the ground!"
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